#EDUC90970 Creating a blended Ecology undergraduate subject

In the latest assignment task for Facilitating Online Learning within the Graduate Certificate of University teaching we are re-designing our courses to be delivered either fully online, or using a blended approach. During this course I have been particularly interested in the Pedagogy-Andragogy-Heutagogy continuum, and the potential advantages that a heutagogical approach has in promotingContinue reading “#EDUC90970 Creating a blended Ecology undergraduate subject”

#EDUC90970 How to use heutagogy in higher education?

Last week, I presented to my colleagues in #EDUC90970 on the Pedagogy-Andragogy-Heutagogy continuum (the image links to the presentation). In a poll of the class, 50% said that they used pedagogy in their teaching, and an equal 25% andragogy and heutagogy (12 responses total). Overwhelmingly, the barrier to heutagogy was thought to be student willingnessContinue reading “#EDUC90970 How to use heutagogy in higher education?”

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